Revolution (Bass)

By Bass Levite


-6-6-6-6------------------------- (2x)

-9-9-8- (6x) (improvised a bit from the original)



Chorus: (improvised a bit from the original)


Instrumental (not in video): same as intro

Bridge 1:
-6-6---6-6--6-6---6-6----9----9- (2x)

Bridge 2 (not in video):
-6(8x)-------------4(4x)-5(4x)- (2x)



Nate said...

Video no longer available :(

Ryan said...


bass_levite said...

Just have to wait a while. Youtube is slow sometimes.

Temo/cmorales said...

Hey Awsome tab, but I think there is something missing in the bridge when you do the slide, listen to the song or the DVD and I believe they show a glimpse of what he does, But awsome tab!!!!

bass_levite said...

I tabbed it based on what I hear... not what I see, lol.

I think sometimes the video and cd don't match up exactly due to post production editting (to cover up mistakes too). I know they do this for the vocals (have to re-record), and probably musicians too.

H2OBassist said...

hey dude whats up i play for an awesome worship team called H2O on their youth nights and on the bridge your correct from going from the D# to the A#, but the second part where you go from the low octave F# to the high octave F#, you're supposed to come back down do its, D# A# D#, D# A# D# (slide), low F# high F# low F#,low F# high F# low F#. i hope it clears up any confusion. i talked to tenni from hillsong and he told me it was correct to thanks to him lol. god bless bro if you need anything.

BassplayerSam said...

Hey, good job with these vids...sure it helps many people out.

Just one thing. from the prechorus, im pretty sure tenni does a small run into the chorus. If u listen to it you can hear it.

Pre: G#(4x) G#high(4x) B B B C# B G#
then into chorus.

Have a listen and u will pick it up but keep up the good work

anonymous :P said...

tnx man