Glorious God (bass)

By Bass Levite
From a band called New Life Worship in the album "My Saviour Lives". The verse is played slightly differently through each round of riffs. Here's the overall riff, keeping in mind that you can improvise mostly by playing on different octaves, and adding transition notes in between notes. Sounds a bit like a toned-down version of the "Tell the World" bass riff.

Intro and Verse:



Prechorus: | Bm | A/C# | D | E |

Chorus: | A | E | Bm | D | 2x

Bridge: | Bm | A | E/G# | Bm | A | E/G# | E | E |


cmorales said...

Hey thanks for the tab!!!

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me. =P said...

Hi why does this video states that its private? I really hope to watch it. thanks