All I Need Is You

I've just started work, and people in my country work for fairly long hours... I start at 830am, and I leave at about 7pm... hence I have considerably less time to put up videos. Anyway, I found the time to do All I Need Is You by Hillsong United.. use a quarter note stereo delay here.

You might notice that the first three notes sound like that from Hosanna. In fact they are the same note, if you strum the notes together you get a C#m chord, as outlined in a previous lesson on chords on the first three strings. In fact, do check out the entire series of related lessons under the theory & techniques section.

Alternatively, you can use the next three strings:

Play this just before the chorus:


I played around with a different set of chords in the 2nd half, to show how the chords on the first three strings lesson can be applied. I'm gonna exclude the tabs, to get you to master the lesson, because I think its really useful!

The chords to use are: E B1 F#m A2

Where B1 = B chord, 1st inversion, A2 = A chord, 2nd inversion.


Anonymous said...

830pm, and I leave at about 7pm

?? Don't you mean you start at 830am?

work must be really tiring!!

ByanG said...

yo...the church band has only 1 guitarist me which i use electric, i want another guitarist to make sound more better, we sound great wit just 4 instruments, what do you recommend to make sound better. cuz i cant get a permanent guitarist, except keyboard cuz we already have one.

Anonymous said...

hey kenny hows it goin ? i'm a regular visitor of ur site.
somehow im still sort of lost within the lesson that u were mentioning.. =( regarding chords on the first three strings ?

the chords u used in the 2nd half
were E B1 F#m A2 rite.. issit possible if u could put the fingering in numbers. Jus the chord shapes itself
for eg.



I tried to cach up with the video.. but not sure if my fingering were rite.

Anonymous said...

I too am in your situation. I highly recommend working with two things.
1. Get everyone used to playing to a click (or at least the drummer if you don't use in ears) The Yamaha clickstation is great
2. Get a looper (i recommend the Boss RC-2) and loop whatever lead parts you can. Practice practice practice.
A looper will be almost useless if you don't play to a click though.

leo said...