You Alone

'You Alone' is quite an old song, and I've always wanted to hear the song on my mp3 player, but I can't seem to find the artist, and if so the arrangement is probably quite outdated. The song is really lovely, & I thus decided to create my own arrangement of the song (with vocals!):

Arrangement: Kenny (with some help from my cousin James).
Vocals: Samuel

Instrumental Version

You are the peace that guards my heart, my help in time of need
You are the hope that leads me on, and brings me to my knees.

For there I found You waiting, And there I found release
So with all of my heart I worship, And unto You I sing

For You alone deserves all glory, for You alone deserves all praise
Father, we worship and adore You, Father, we long to seek Your face.
For You alone deserves all glory, for You alone deserves all praise
Father we love You And we worship You this day.

Click here to download this song


Anonymous said...

Check that, did a quote search of the first line and clicked the cache link (google) and brought up the lyrics/chords.

Don Harris wrote it, 1990.

jono said...

Kenny can I ask how you did the drum and bass work on that song? did you have to record it at church or was it some type of software you use?

second how did you record your voice and guitar? what hardware and software do you use?

kenny said...

I recorded the bass, drums, and strings using Anvil studio.. its a midi program, so it doesn't sound very realistic. I play back the midi track, and record it using Audacity, so as to get it into wav format.

I plugged my pod xtl into my computer to record my guitar. For vocals, I plugged a mic into the pod, and recorded it from there.

I wrote something about recording guitars and using audacity under the 'other articles' section too.

Generally each song takes up to 6 hours, quite tedious actually.

jono said...

thanks kenny..

6hrs dang.. man you need to get paid to do this stuff.. alot of work to give people for free

kenny said...

Well arrangements are more like a hobby for myself.. i started doing arrangements even before I had this blog, and mostly kept the songs for myself and my friends to listen.

Sevenz said...

wow, thanks a lot for making this song. I like it, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Nice...but I think it should be "You alone deserve", not "deserves". Just like when you say "You alone are.." not "You alone is..."


Anonymous said...

theres a version Eugene Greco sang its in the album "See His Glory"
i have an mp3 of it! ^_^


Sevenz said...

o wow, could you please upload it or something? ^^

Anonymous said...

i've downloaded the sing and it was great! the arrangement is great! thnx for sharing it! Truy, God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Do you have the chords for this song? i would like to play it for my church. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the chords my self and found it here:

Samuel Sii said...

Thanks! i appreciate your help=)

B!gBEN- said...


I must say that was a wonderful 'remix' (since my church always sings it in the usual much slower tempo).

Btw, I've just started to play around with Anvil, creating my own songs. N I wonder if I'd take a look at yr midi file? ^_^ Perhaps you'd also give me some tips on that prog.

U can reach me at =D

God Bless.


Gideon said...

kenny, great job :D i have been finding this song but zzzzzz cant find... thanks alot. God bless you brother :D

Maself said...

Kenny, you're a blessing!!!!I've been looking for this song forever!!! Thanks a Mill for putting it together like this, can't stop listening to it since I found it, its soooooooo beautiful....God Bless You!!!Btw, Kenny is a twin name in Nigeria, are you from there? You can reach me at curious...Thanks all the same!!!

longge said...

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Joshua said...

My mom taught me this song in the 90s during my sunday school. And this song along with some others like "You are the rock of my salvation", "Here is Love" is just stuck in my memory even though its been 20 years since I last heard it.

Thanks a lot Kenny for sharing it. God bless you. And I hope you'll release more hits of the old..

Jess said...

You've done a great job with audacity and love your version of this song!! Been hunting it for quiet a while. Thanks for uploading it!!