Here's You by Hillsong United, one of, in my opinion, the best songs in the cd. There isn't really any guitar in the song, and I've transposed some of the piano parts onto the electric guitar.

I've transposed the song up by a semitone so I don't have to tune my guitar down half a step. Hence, you need to tune your guitar half a step to Eb. The chords I've written are not in the original key; transpose everything down by half a step (e.g. C#m --> Cm) for the original key.

Download the tabs & music score in pdf format (Alternative link)
Intro & Verse
C#m A E E

B C#m A A

Pluck leisurely
A B C#m E



Anonymous said...

what kind of guitar is that?

Anonymous said...

i am confused, di i have to tune my guitar to Eb ab db gb...?

Anonymous said...

ibanez it looks like

mike said...

Yep its an Ibanez, I believe the SZ series, something like that... Because I was looking at those guitars and almost bought one, but I went for a cheaper Shecter.

Jam said...

Yes you have to tune every thing down a half step.