Be to You (my first composition!)

I usually do song arrangements for others, or for well-known songs (under arrangements), with the occasional instrumental song. However, I decided to try my hand at song writing, and here's my first attempt, hope you like it.

Thanks to Ezra for helping out with the vocals.

Instrumental Version

Here are the lyrics I've thought of so far.. most of the song is based on songs in Revelation, something which I like alot.

Trumpets sound
Flame of God running through the land
Blazing star
Fall upon the waters of the earth

Holy is the Lord God Almighty,
Wh-o was and Is to come [Rev 4: 8]
Praise and glory, wisdom, and
Honour and power be to You. [Rev 7:12]

Praise to our God, Forever and ever
We will worship
You, and sing, Your praise through all the earth
Creation Sings, great is Your name

Seated on High
With a crown of gold on His head
Harvests are ripe
Time to reap the harvest of the earth [Rev 14: 14-16]

Praises and glory and wisdom to you always
Honour and power and strength be to you (x2) [Rev 7:12]

Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty... (x2) [Rev 4: 8]

Praises and glory and wisdom to you always
Honour and power and strength be to you
Mighty God

Click here to download this song.


Richard said...

Very nice Kenny! I hope I can write my own songs one day :)

Chris said...

Dude, I love it! I can almost hear how the words would flow with that! Fantastic!

Alwin said...

Really good job! You have an anointing for music man! Keep it up! Post the finalize song here man! You've been a great blessing to the Christian music community! May your anointing increase evermore! Shalom! =)

Grant said...

dude that's an awesome sounding song, keep it up!

Tagz said...

very nice kenny.. keep it up. God bless you!