Christian Chords/Tabs Wiki

I've decided to shelve plans for a wiki for Christian chords, because I might infringe copyright issues. By the way, guitarpraise quite obviously represents the contributors' interpretation of the song (for example we make mistakes here and there in tabbing, & my 'The Time Has Come Variations' doesn't sound like the cd version at all), so no worries about being asked to shut down the blog. Besides, while Christian artistes and groups' songbooks mostly comprise of chords, none of them have tabs, which this site focuses on providing.

For chords, do check out sites like and, which are already doing a good job at providing chords for Christian songs, and the latter has permission to publish chords for certain songs. If you have a request for chords, continue to post in the request forum. By the way, I heard that posting chords is ok, if the lyrics aren't there, because the lyrics are copyrighted. I'm not too sure if this is correct though.

An alternative is to start your own Christian chords wiki, but don't hold me responsible if the lawyers coming knocking!

There are quite a number of Christian chord websites, and no dedicated Wiki for Christian songs. The advantage of using a Wiki is that anyone can post & edit chords for any Christian songs (subject to a brief check, of course), and the resulting quantity of songs should be quite substantial. This would also ease your search on guitarpraise - access the chords on the linked wiki, and look for the more detailed video and tabs on the blog. In addition, further discussion & requests can be put into the forum.

As usual, here's a poll to see if there is a demand for such an archive:

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