Still (chorus)

I'm proud to introduce our second contributor, Tadeu, from Brazil, with his first post on playing the melody of the chorus of Still on the guitar. Figuring out the melodies of songs may be a simple exercise, but useful because it can help you become more familiar with using scales.

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Anonymous said...

Is tuning a prerequisite for being a contributor?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I admire the effort and all, but I think part of the reason why this site is so successful is that the guitar lessons are usually pretty accurate and well-done. To post rusty guitar work would somewhat jeopardize the credibility of the site. In my opinion, Kenny should stick with the main guitar posts, and possibly have another avenue for other guitarists who want to post their work. Other than that, it's a great site.

Anonymous said...

It's a good effort bro, but i have to say that ur timing and tuning is pretty out.

KBLO! said...

in first place sorry! because I don´t speak English very well.

in second place I want to tell you my shame for the fact of this Brazilian "Tadeu" to post a wrong and dissonant tab!

my sorry!, in Brasil exist great musicians, but not as this boy that post!


Kblo, from São Paulo - Brasil

Anonymous said...

no no, im sure he had tuned his guitar but by the looks of his guitar, it looks like he is using a really cheap knock off of a strat or something thus it is not his fault that the intonation is horrible.... trust me i've had one

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty disappointed with the comments I heave read here. No one has the right to judge someone on their skill level, He is sharing what he knows with us, Plus I'm sure he is not doing this for him, he plays for God and that's all that matters. Maybe some should remember that the lord seeks worshipers not musicians!! So Tadeu thanks for contributing man!! I pray that your anointing grows on your playing and God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

dont judge the book by its cover...
a true christian doesn't judge saome one's abitlity by his guitar.
its not his fault to use an old you guys who judge this your talent..and we will judge you...for you to feel someones feeling of being judged.... T_T

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if someone posts a guitar lesson, anywhere, it should be accurate and the guitar must be in tune. If someone posts a lesson, it's not for the Lord, it's so share with other people ;)

It's so typical Christians to say "oh, but he plays for the Lord". I'm sure he does, and I'm very sure God loves it, but still, everything sounds nicer in-tune, so if we can give him a hint about how to make sure his guitar is intonated, that would be the best feedback he could get.

And we should be able to critic without being mean. Good criticism is vital for developing skills. We Christians shouldn't be afraid to give tips and hints if people are doing things wrong.

I'm very annoyed with the typical response "he's playing for God", we are brothers, and would you seriously listen to a guitar track when the guitar sounds like that?

Remember, a guitar lesson is not for God, it's for humans. God surely knows how to play it all ;) hehe