Looking for Contributors!

This blog is seeing more and more hits each week, and I can no longer keep up with the requests. I am hence looking for a team of musicians who would like to contribute to this blog.

I'll handle the uploading & posting itself, and include your name in the post, as well as put you as one of the contributors in the sidebar, so don't worry about myself 'stealing' your work.

Come and serve the global Christian guitarist community by not only tabbing and demonstrating songs, but also by sharing and teaching your ideas, based on Christian songs. At the same time, you will, as I've discovered, raise your own standard of playing as you record and evaluate yourself.


If you are interested, email me at kennygohweizhi@yahoo.com.sg and briefly tell me more about yourself: your particulars & music/ministry experience, how your relationship with God is, a video of yourself playing (optional). While it looks difficult to create a video (mobile phone or a webcam would do) recording, it is actually quite easy - I take about 20 minutes for each post. I can send you an email with detailed instructions on recording & videoing as well.

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