Mighty to Save (intro, verse, instrumental)

I'd play the piano whenever I feel upset, because the piano is an instrument that one can pour one's emotions out to easily. By doing so, I am able to express my feelings to God, not in words , but through music. However, doing the same on the guitar is more difficult, and expressing my worship, my adoration to God through the instrument is something that I hope both me and you would be able to do well through experience.

In other words, do not treat the guitar as a 'guitar', but rather as an artistic extension of your thoughts and feelings, a vehicle of expression when words fail. The guitar is part of your heart and mind, and not just a shredder's tool; therefore there can be no true worship without a heart that obeys and loves God, no matter how skillful the guitarist is.

May this sharing be on your mind as you attempt the following tabs, and all other worship songs played unto God:

By the way, I've omitted the wah effects in the above recording so that you'll be able to hear the parts clearly.


Intro/Verse I:
-------9--- Let the notes ring out, i.e.
----12----- don't let go, even if it is
-14-------- a stretch!
----------- Keep repeating the riff.

Intro/Verse II (2nd guitar, with wah):
-10-|-10-|-10-|-9----- Keep strumming.

Verse (right before the chorus, with wah)
-2--4--5--7----- This chord sequence creates
-3--5--3--5----- an 'ascending' feeling.

Instrumental (with wah)





J said...

I Like Your comment at the beggining and it is very true the guitar or any other instrument is another way of expressing our selves to GOD

nathan said...

Thanks, I caught onto this alot easier than the way Nigel taught it in the guitar workshop

Anonymous said...

can you post the part with the chords in it please?

Anonymous said...

can u please post the chorus part?

kenny said...

Its mainly chords.. something like:
D A F#m E

and for the bridge:
D A E E-F#m

Anonymous said...

Kenny is right it is just chords but they are inversions the chords are
AEDDE for the lead guitar as tabbed below (the lead stays on the D and doesnt play the F#m)

A | E | D
- | - | -
10 | 9 | 10
9 | 9 | 7
7 | 9 | 7
- | 7 | -
- | - | -

Hope this helps. God bless

Thomas said...

hey guys, all you have to do is go to youtube, and type in hillsong guitar workshop mighty to save, and Nigel himself will teach you how to play the whole song.

kenni said...

how to make the 'wah'?

Mark said...

Hey guys, new to this site, which by the way its awesome! Its so helpful and there arent a lot of people out there tabbing these hillsong songs, so its deffinatley awesome. But i realised for the intro it also works if you do


Sounds just about the same and is a little easier!

James said...

They are the same notes, but it doesn't sound the same. The B can't ring out if you're playing the C# on the B string.

Anonymous said...

thanks man..you helped me a lot!!..

Anonymous said...


nice tab only a little difficult, with the 14-12-9

and a nice shirt your wearing, i like it :P

Anna said...

hey i like the alternative intro of:


that "Mark" commented.
thanks :]

Magnus "drammen rock city -norway" said...

I see you talking about Mighty to Save "Introduction"

How about:

b---10--12--------- x2


b----10--h12-------- x2

Easy touch for a good sound.

Anonymous said...

for the 2nd guitar intro
take you 1st finger and bar the whole 5th fret the 2nd finger goes on the 6th fret of the g string. then 3rd and 4th fingers go on 7th fret of a and d string. strum it out what you get is a octave higher A cord. use a lot of wah
thanks for the tabs

Dan said...

In our band I use an Auto-Wah (Garageband) and play



Fast Times 2

Anonymous said...

the tabs for the intro/verse 2 is actually...


FrAd said...

hi kenny! !
you play the guitar vary good

greetings from mexico ! ! !
i like your shirt

dave holzemer said...

This is really great! Thanks os much for sharing!!

I have a question though about the chorus part..In your video your playing a D, and the acoustic guitar you have is strumming the chords..is playing an F#m..our worship team tried this the other night in practice and it just didn't sound right..Is this right or is there a chord change I'm missing.


Nicholas said...

I can't play the 9-12-14 intro either, but tried some variations like the ones mentioned, but the b string really can't ring out as mentioned before. I tried using the side of my thumb for hitting the 9 and it worked out pretty good! See what you think...to God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

jhd987 said...

Hey if you have trouble stretching to those intro notes don't try using other strings or positions, it will never sound as good, just do what I do, fret it from above the neck, pinky on nine, middle finger on 12 and index on 14, it's no stretch at all and you can wasily play it plus you will look cool going from under to over the neck, SRV did this a lot.

Michel Babun said...

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