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The 'request' in the 'Guitarpraise Request Forum' has been removed!

My original intention for this blog was to post lessons to about 30 viewers daily. However, the number is steadily approach a thousand a day, with readers coming in from all over the world. I feel that this is an excellent opportunity for socialization amongst Christian guitarists, not only at a country or regional level, but on an international basis.

I've now expanded the request forum to encompass a wider range of topics for guitarpraise visitors to discuss about. As many of you know, I do not wish to replicate what other blogs are doing, thus this blog differs in being:

i) International
While many Christian musicians' forums are serve a particular country, I hope that this forum will be an international one, since the guitarpraise blog has hosted hundreds of visitors from dozens of countries like Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Thus, why not take the opportunity to, for example, compare gear prices across borders, find a friend's church to visit while overseas, or just to make more friends?

On a deeper level, I've a friend who believes that we ought to become 'world class Christians', meaning Christians who can take a perspective not only for his or her country or region, but appreciate God's work on a global basis - I hope this forum will serve as a conversational platform for this.

ii) Simple
There are two things about forums that annoy me tremendously: having to register to post, and having a dozen categories to participate in. I've eliminated the need to register, although there are advantages in doing so, and reduced the number of categories to three: one for song requests, another for gear chat, and the last to socialise.

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