Evermore (intro, verse, instrumental)

Here's the introduction, verse, and instrumental for Evermore by Hillsong, as requested in the guitarpraise forum. While I try to respond to as many requests as possible, it has become too much to handle, and I, unfortunately, have to be selective. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this, and all the other posts!


Intro (2nd half) & Verse:
(Let ring)


(7) = harmonics





Art said...

I'm so happy I stumbled upon this website, sacrificing an hour or two that I should have been sleeping! This has already been a big help with my guitar playing. A quick question about the chorus ("Evermore my heart, my heart will say...").....you don't have it tabbed out - is Nigel just playing chords? I thought I heard a picking pattern? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

kenny said...

Don't have the song with me right now, but as far as i can remember he strums chords, and leaves the melodic work to the brass parts.

Glad you like the site, do drop by often!z

Anonymous said...

i just want to ask what kind of effect did you use

kenny said...

I use a pod xt live, usually with a Hiwatt amp + proco rat distortion, or a Vox 30W amp with the same distortion. Sometimes I add a little stereo delay.

Anonymous said...

im a beginer in electric guitar so.. may i ask what is distortion for?

kenny said...

It is to create a distorted tone, you get the fuzzy, crunchy sound instead of a clean piano-ish tone.

Anonymous said...

im learnin the guitar
and new at it too

wut do u mean by harmonics??

Anonymous said...

ooh and another question

wut does the 'b' and the 'r' stand for?

kenny said...

b = bend
r = return
harmonics = a certain way of producing a note on a guitar.. you have to google around for it..

ByanG said...

yo, u are great, but da verse doesnt work out for me, i dunno y, maybe its my timing, or ur tab idunno. Also for the solo in still, did u memorize it by practicing over and over or yea?

kenny said...

If there's some way you can record your own playing maybe I can give you a hand...

For Still I played it over and over to memorise it..

ByanG said...

ok, nvm i got it, thanks for offer to help.
Just wondering how long did it take u to memorize it, cuz im very impatient w/ memorizing

kenny said...

Not too long actually.. definitely less than an hour..

Anonymous said...

uhmm...i was wonderin...is the instrumental tab complete??...the lead was awesome when i heard it in for all you've done album...i think somethinga missing...anyways, you're awesome man... God bless u more buddy

Anonymous said...

i was wondering wat pedals you were using for this song.

Anonymous said...

This is great what you are doing. I just found this site a couple days ago and it has been a big help. I also have a podxtlive. I was curious if you could e-mail me your pod tones that you have made. coltsz1000@charter.net

kenny said...

You can find my tones under electric guitar --> theory & technique

ByanG said...

im wonderin if u can tab the hillsong united version of dis song. Especially the solo/instrumental part of it. I've been trying and i just cant, busy w/ summer school. You're probably more busy than i am. But can you please tab the hillsong united version of the song?

Anonymous said...

can i ask? what do you mean by the letter r in tabs? like this...


thanks for the info

temo said...

I'm going to answer some question for Kenny here:
1.He has a POD XT Live!! Look it up at musiciansfriend.com
2.b= bend the note(bend the string up)
r= release the bend

ericleeisme said...

MMm that's not how Nigel plays any of it...the DVD shows different fingers that are much easier and with each note in close proximity with the next one...makes it much easier to play without excessive sliding.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh can u finish and do the first part of the instrumental

JAY said...

hey pplz, does any1 know the patch for evermore for a bossgt-8?? plz i need some help!! thank you!! btw i LOVE GOD!!!

edwinsagun said...
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defcon888 said...


Amazing site. My playing is 100% better because I am a visual person not a book person and watching you play is great.

You say you have the PODxt Live. Any chance of getting the patches?. I have the POD also!

BW said...

Thank you for this sight. Its such a blessing to our P&W. God Bless. Keep it up

kerrylucio said...

Thanks for the help buddy. You have been a huge blessing. God bless you

denmar said...

thanks bro kenny for this tab..i appreciate it.
God Bless You.
continue to serve God

Daniel Yu said...

What do you play for chorus?