Hosanna (Paul Baloche) with loads of delay

By Kenny

My main problem with playing Hosanna (the Paul Baloche one) is that the original version had some sort of backing track to it which was difficult to replicate in a live setting. Somehow the music always felt rather empty. To fill up the gaps, I used loads of dotted 8th note delay, maybe a little like how U2 would do it? It's great fun with the delay, and makes a clean guitar sounds a lot bigger and aggressive. 

Check out the video below - also, I doodled around at the end to demonstrate how the delay sounds like. 

Tone-wise, I used my normal "fast-song distortion" setting, but rolled the volume back on the guitar and switched to the middle pick up.

Repeat the first note several times, there's a rhythm to it, paired with lots of palm muting. Check out the "doodle" part of the video for more.


Also with delay, to give it more presence







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