Call for help: Typhoon Ketsana

Kenny: hi folks... I don't usually do this, but this came in as a personal request, and I couldn't turn it down. Neil's (one of the contributors) hometown in Manila was recently ravaged by a typhoon, and he asked if I could help put up a call for help for people to donate supplies or funds. Also, do pray for the people affected.

Some disclaimers: I didn't receive any $ to put up this post.. this site is non-profit, blahblahblah. Also, pls make sure you're comfortable about whichever organisation you're donating to, as I do not specifically endorse the examples listed below.


To All my Brothers & Sisters

I am Neil and one of the contributors in this site. I requested for this post to appeal for help from fellow Christians to help in cash or in kind. On Sept. 26, 2009, the city of Manila, the capital of my home country, Philippines, was been devastated by Typhoon Ketsana:

The typhoon brought 1 month's worth of rain in just 6-12 hours, causing catastrophic flood levels throughout Manila. To date, the death toll stands at 246, and over 400,000 individuals have been displaced by the floods. These numbers are still on the rise. Our local government is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people affected, but thankfully local and international organisations have started to put together relief efforts to help. I would like to appeal to you to help these people, e.g. local church donation drives for clothing and other basic necessities. I am in no way going to benefit from this; I am just a someone who happens to be Filipino. Do research if in doubt. Thank you in advance! God Bless you all!

You can also send your donations through your church affiliates in the Philippines, or through the following channels:

Links for donations:
Philippine National Red Cross

USA Residents:

Help in the typhoon relief effort by calling ABS-CBN Foundation USA toll-free 1-800-527-2820

Those are the few I know about, but do look around to see if there are others as well.

God Bless,


Neil Rey Gallano said...

Hi Kenny,

Thank you so much. For whatever its worth, I am just happy to spread the awareness regarding the tragedy. I hope and pray for fast recovery of the victims in the Philippines. God bless you all!

Jam said...

This is my mother's hometown and she lives in the states now... so we had no Idea this was happening thank you...

Angel said...

Hi, I'm angel and i also live in manila. It is a real devastating catastrophe. I urge everyone to help. I saw with my bare eyes how people are being tossed away by the waves of the flood. Many schools and hospitals were now on ruins. our church will now provide reliefs for the people in our place.

kriss said...

thanks guys for your concern. hai.. im filipino. and i cried out this tradegy, im in the flood with waves and i see many filipino crying, calling for help. huhu i just pray to the LORD and sing "hear our prayers oh LORD GOD almighty. come bless our land as we seek You , worship You (Blessed - Hillsong)" while crying. you know, im so blessed because He never let me down. i thank GOD.!!! and thank you too guys... (sorry for my bad english)