... for an overseas work-related trip for the next ten days or so. Its to learn more about environmental sustainability at the governmental level, pls pray that I'll learn stuff that will be beneficial and practical.

However, this means that I won't be posting for awhile, but I'll still have internet access, and will upload vids and tabs from contributors like Jerome. Cya!


Anonymous said...

Ha - I thought your post was going to be a Toby Mac song! Safe travels bro. Check out the local church where you are going. Its always a blessing to experience the Diverse..City of the body of Christ!

Rafael said...

Yeah .... have a good trip my brother. As fretfudger said, you should have experience the whole diverse of God's grace. It'a a great blessing to share and learn how people can praise god in other countries.
I hope you can visit Peru someday and can share both diverses.

God bless !

alex said...

Gone, like Frank Sinatra! Like Elvis and his mom! Like Al Pacino's cash, nothin lasts in this life!

BowlofriceXP said...

Have a good trip! :]