Pod X3L Patches

Finally got around to testing my PodX3L during church service, and after some minor tweaks I've put them online. Download them here, or have a listen to them in the video below:

You will, of course, need to adapt them to your own needs. E.g. if you're using a strat you might need more drive, and bass. If you're playing with another guitarist you might need to lower the drive settings, and if you're playing in a small room you will need to add more reverb.

The 3 tones can be found in banks 32B-D. 32C, with the class 30 top boost patches, are used for fast songs. 32D, with the tweed and class 30 top boost sounds, are used for slow songs. Activate the stomp pedal on the class30 tone for a distorted tone. Patch 32B is where my lead tone is.. for some shredding/metal, use patch 32A. There's nothing else in the rest of the library save for the default patches and some experimental stuff in bank 31.

You may also download my Pod XTL patches here.


jonathan ho said...

just to clarify

your clean tones are already on slight break up right?
not entirely "clean"


kenny said...

yup.. but it has more character and meat this way.. still sounds clean when you do simple plucking too..

Anonymous said...

kenny I cant view your patches, I dont have a correct program

kenny said...

Use gearbox..

Anonymous said...

I spent a few hours with your tones last night and this morning. I tweaked them a little for my set-up and am looking forward to giving them a good workout tonight during band practice. Thanks so much for sharing them!

juve7 said...

hey i have and X3L and never had trouble opening patches.. but when i download this one my gearbox doesnt recognize it... ???