Tab Contributions

Hi all,
Stephen D recently sent me a couple of tabs that he has done (list is below)... no video though; if you're interested, you may download the files here.

Chris Tomlin
Amazing Love
Famous One
Give Us Clean Hands
God of This City
God of Wonders
Holy is the Lord
How Great is Our God
Sing Sing Sing
We Fall Down

David Crowder
Every Move I Make
Here is Our King
Make a Joyful Noise
O Praise Him

Hillsong United
All About You
All Day
Break Free
Consuming Fire
From the Inside Out
I Feel Like I'm Falling
Look to You
Love Enough
One Way
Salvation is Here
Take it All
Tell the World
The Time Has Come
To the Ends of the Earth
What the World Will Never Take


Stephen said...

Hey guys this is Stephen, a quick few words Give us clean hands and we fall down are not actually Chris tomlins versions, I just thew them in there because he plays them, also here is our king is most of all the lead parts but a little of the rhythem thrown into it, lastly I feel like im falling is a Hillsong song, not United, its from the early 90's.

I also wanted to thank Kenny for showing my tabs and for the website, it's a great place for musicans for Christ to gather and get teachings and improve on our God given talents.

(PS Most of the Hillsong songs are from With Harts as one, and I really like my version of Take it All and the Look to You contains the lead parts for the prechorus that seem to be so longed for by a lot of you)

marlon said...

hi i'm Marlon one of the affid fan of guitar praise just wanna ask some patches use in HOSSANA and some hillsong songs..i use ZOOM G1X,I have it almost 3 months now and im still learning some of the basics.I used to be the guitarist in our church and i have this passion of improving our worship to God and you are a Blessing..Here's my e-mail add please send me some patches..thank you so much..God bless.. Rock for JESUS!!!

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Oh do you mean effects? Well on Hossana I use a very light distortion with a 8th dotted delay about 50% for all the verses. For the chorus I use a heaver delay and drop the echo. Lasty for the solo I use a heavy distortion, 8th dotted delay and a chorus pedal.

Stephen said...

If anyone needs help with a tab, getting a sound that a guitarest makes or what not I have AIM and its SilverAce888 and i'm more than willing to help or talk about it. Also try Kenny or the other guys on Facebook, I check that a few times a day my name is Stephen Difato

Ric said...
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