I could sing of your love forever (Bass)

By Bass Levite

There are many versions of this song going around; some even with different chords. This version is by Sonic Flood.

I played some melodic stuff on top of the initial acoustic guitar intro, to give the reader some ideas on some ways the bass can play subtle notes without being too overpowering.


Let the notes ring out.




1. Notes are played only for half a bar and then allowed to ring out during the second half of a bar, so that the riff is not overpowering.

2. Arpeggio chord patterns or simply ascending or descending the scale can be used.

3. The root note is played first in most cases.



Bass intro riff:







Jon said...

Awesome!!!You Rock Bass Levite!

bdepps said...

Some of the bass lessons come up private how do I view them>

Whatever everlaar said...

Yep ... how do i view private videos ??

Romka said...

what's with all the bass lessons being private now?

serm said...

Ya..why are all the bass lessons private =(

nhgh said...

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