Majesty (Here I Am) (Bass)

By Bass Levite

The intro and verse bass riff is simply the descending pentatonic scale of A#m.





To repeat verse, play this, otherwise go straight to prechorus:



Usually the bass doesn't play the melody of the song, but sometimes you can do it to add a little spice into it!


Improvised this part (original just play the root notes and leave it hanging).




| Db | Ab | Bbm | Gb | 2x


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the tab. God has answered by prayer by giving you the talent to tab out the request that I've asked. God bless.

David said...

thank u much for the tabs have been trying to figure out this riff

Chris said...

That's great, can you play Give it what you got and God is smiling by Delirious?

barry said...

How do I view the video? It says need sender's friend request.