By Tadeu

Hello guys ! This is one of my favorite Delirious songs - Majesty (here I am)... It´s in Bm.
I used a simulation amp based in a Marshall plexi 100 watt, from 1959 and some reverb.

The verse is Bm A G F#m G F#m E

Pre-Chorus Bm A/C# D Bm A/C# D E/G# G

Chorus D A Bm G (2x)

Stand in the solid rock, remember of the cross which was carried for you... give your life completely to the King of kings!


Anonymous said...

hey man what they do is they drop the tuneing(sp)to a drop d which is where you de-tune everystring 2 tones down e.g. e=d thenks for the blog i got some of it butthis helped abit

p.s god bless form your brother from brisbane!

Anonymous said...

He is right. Instead of a standard tuning, tune your guitar lower to correspond to the key of the song.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to play in the same key as delirious without drop tuning your guitar for the chords and tab?

Clo187 said...

yeah you can take ken's version and capo it up to
3rd(live)or 4th(studio) fret and your there without de-tuning your strings

matt said...

where did the youtube video go?

longge said...

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