Redeemer (a composition)

Here's my fourth composition, most of it is based on a bass riff which I quite like. However, I feel that the part from the bridge onwards becomes quite draggy. Anyway, here it is, hope you like it:

No lyrics or vocals yet, as usual. If anything comes up at you feel free to help me out and jot it down in the comments. I thought of two lines for the chorus though:
Redeemer, Saviour
Hallow-ed Be Your Name

Also, the tabs for the bass riff are as follows:



Jason Lim said...

You beared the cross for all my sins
I will never be ashamed
It's by your blood that I am saved
So I'll always praise your name

(for 0.26s-0.39s)

Btw I am from FCBC Youthnet too. From Pastor Roland's tribe

kenny said...

Awesome.. thanks alot!

Cool.. quite a few musicians there.. I'm from Pastor Hee Guan's network.

Jason Lim said...

Yup, Seth, Chris and Ben Seow and Daniel Lee. A lot of them.

O Dog said...

I have a verse 2 of sorts...

Forever God is comforter
In my weakness you are stronger
A friend that I could never find
In this life or any other