Glorious Night of Miracles Draft (a composition)

Here's a song that my cousin wrote & sung; its not entirely original, but largely based on a rare b-side track by Oasis. Its actually a Christmas carol, but with a modern twist. I really like this song, hope you will enjoy it too.

I helped with the arrangement, but the vocals for the last chorus aren't completed, and had to be cut and pasted from an earlier chorus. The ending portion is also incomplete. Will show you guys the final version when its out.

Lyrics & Chords:Verse 1
Glorious night of miracles
Listen as the story unfolds
Virgin Mary had a childSleeping tenderly and mild
Three wise men came from orient afar
To see the holy Lamb of God

They were led by a shinning star
And Jesus was the one they sought.
Chords: Am F G Am, F G Am Am.
Use the same chords for the interlude.
All He had when he came was a manger
He was earth’s greatest king
And as the angels in the skies proclaim
Christ the Lord is here, Christ the Lord is here today
Chords: F G Am Am, F G Am Am, F G Am Am, F F G G.
Verse 2:
Shepherds saw an angel by night
They were frightened they were sore afraid
Fear not for it's joy and good tidings i bring
Borne is the saviour the king
Instrumental 1: Am F G Am, F G Am Am (x2)
Instrumental 2: F G E/G# Am Bb C F E
I quite like the instrumental actually, not too sure if anyone wants to learn it, but if you do just leave a comment here.


Yuri said...

Hi Kenny!

Great song!

I'd sure like to learn the instrumentals..!

Joe said...

love it. can we get an mp3?

Anonymous said...


kenny said...

Sure thing.. download the mp3 at:

robert said...

tabs for this one would be great if you could

because we just listened to it and it would be a great song to do for our annual christmas concert

kenny said...

ok.. the song is a ripoff from an Oasis B-side though, not sure if your church has any qualms about that..

robert said...

no qualms.. had too look in the dictionary for that word xD

Warrior4jc said...

do you have some tabs? :D

longge said...
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