For Those Who Are To Come

By Jerome

Sorry if the vid is A little bit dark coz its morning and my brother was still sleeping when i recorded this vid.

The effect that i use is like on the "An introduction" of Hillsong United. The delay in this song is very strong you can hear my delay effect in the vid.


This part you must be in tempo, actually i was stamping my foot to play the notes in tempo.



After this part You'll hear some ( )=Harmonic effects till the song ends, but i forgot to do it in the vid:
e|-----(17)------- (Just pick it every half beat )


John said...

hey do you have the chords for this?

Anonymous said...

delay's terrible bro. so is your tone. you need to be dotted 8th.

Aishi said...

It wasn't that bad. It could have been better. The rhythm is actually triplet eighths

Aishi said...

wait, no actually, its triplet sixteenths

Anonymous said...

constructive critisizm please...WWJD Love ya brothers keep rocking!!

Jam said...


Yong Quan said...

Hmm... besides the slightly-off delay I think it's a good instructional video... really helped me a lot to figure out the stuff... You know the later part of the track? When you need to play the tabs in tempo... I thought it is the same as the interlude tabs for Hosanna... Is it?

David said...

here are the chord before they go to the Instrumental as tabbed here:
(can use a capo or not)
here without one:
4fret (bar with index finger)

and before that part you simply go thru the intro of hosanna (for those wondering). second guit does it and do this before doing the Instrumental part (as described before by Jerome):
e---9-9-9--11-11-11- then 12 etc..

hope it can help. If you have more question feel free to ask:

God Bless.