Yours is the Kingdom

The intro of Yours is the Kingdom uses the usual 'octave chords', minus the middle note, but with a twist: the thinnest string, the E string, is tuned up to an F#, that is, a pitch two frets up. Alternatively, you can put a capo on the 2nd fret (thanks Gabe). I also made a mistake at the beginner of the video: the words should read 'Yours is the Kingdom intro', and not 'Salvation is Here intro-verse'.. whoops!

The tabs below are in shorthand: the numbers left to right represent the frets to press from the thinnest to the thickest string. This is deliberate, to give you as little help as possible (in terms of how many times to strum), so as to enable you to listen out to strumming patterns, slides, etc.. in the recording.


End with: -0-0-4-x-2-x

The pre-chorus of "Yours is the Kingdom" has this neat piano riff going, here it is:

Here are the tabs, remember to try to apply this to other songs, e.g. strumming chords higher up the fretboard.


4ujosh said...
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4ujosh said...

You folks are awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge so that others can have a better worship experience! Here's another way to play the intro:
B F# (4X)