There is Nothing Like

United Live Version
The introduction to United Live's "There is Nothing Like" has a pretty nice piano introduction. I've transplanted it over to the guitar - approaching the guitar like a piano can give rise to some interesting patterns. Enjoy!

I've added some chorus in the above clip, and set my pickup selector to choose the middle & neck pickup.

Amaj7add2 C#m7 Esus2 Badd4

Hillsong Version
As some of you might have realised, I like to play around with chords patterns further up the fretboard. Here's another example, from "There is Nothing Like" (Hillsong "God He Reigns" version):

Try to sustain as many notes as possible by letting them ring out. Some delay helps as well.


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Temo said...

Hey you have an awsome talent from god. I was wondering if you could post videos of what the two electric guitars do in the song, the united version. Thanks for everything, God Bless!!