The Freedom We Know

Hillsong's "The Freedom We Know" introduction applies to the bridge as well, and is quite an easy riff to pick up, shouldn't be a problem for anyone, because it comprises of three notes only.

In the video above, I used my third finger to mute the low E string. Be careful not to hit the other open strings as well.

------------ (x3, then reverse the order of the
-10--8---7-- last 2 notes for the 4th repeat)

Here's the pre-chorus of The Freedom We Know. If you need the chords, try googling for it, it should be quite easy to find.

I know that part of the guitar (the first fret) can't be seen, so you'll have to depend on the tabs below:

D . .Em . .C . .C

D . Em . .F . .C

If you listen carefully, there's a guitar riff that runs repeatedly throughout the chorus of The Freedom We Know. Its quite interesting, and uses the 'wah sweep' that I used in The Time Has Come (bridge), so here it is:

If it is of any help, you can see a little of my leg, which is moving the wah pedal as I play along. It is a little of a challenge because you have to alternate pick at a moderately fast pace, keep timing, depress the wah, and count the number of times you've played the riff (or just go by feeling).

Tabs (all on the G string):


Anonymous said...

tnx for the tabs bro it helps me...
God bless you...

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, this is inspiring for me ! niek , holland

Anonymous said...

guys please help me i want to ask what effect or distortion to use so that the sound dont stop quickly.. i have delay effect but the sound still stops quickly when i do that instrumental.. like if i hit 0 then i hit 14, the sound of of 0 stops quickly.. did you get my point?

Anonymous said...

you cud use a sustainer pedal or try a compressor along with your distortion pedal that should give you more than enough note sustaining

Anonymous said...

Never stop to do tabs abaout hillsong, you are helping a lot of christian people of all the world in the worship work... you are a very very very big help for us...

Never stop,
Always with god's help!

God Bless U!

Anonymous said...

I'd check the level, repeats and decay of the delay you are using (if you have those controls on your delay unit).

when i play this song, i usually run the delay level at 50%, repeats are 3-4, and decay (or feedback) is about 45%, but delays will vary. I've tried this on a boss dd-5 and a stereo memory man...hope this helps!

God Bless

edwinsagun said...

i think that the tabs for the chorus is:

---------------------- X5

--17------------------ X2

I just used the same note for the open strin G except i thought i should play an octave higher just to match the other notes.