An Introduction/The Time Has Come (Verse)

There's been some speculation about how the fast runs for An Introduction & the verse of The Time Has Come are done, but generally most people agree that some delay is involved.

But don't forget that you can pick everything - it may seem hard, but it is possible, with some practice. Here's the sound file - it starts with a video clip (a first!) of me playing the parts using a clean sound, to show that no funny effects or editing was involved. The 2nd part demonstrates the same line, with some delay and wah.

Here are the tabs:
While alternate picking, keep all wrist & pick movement minimal. Pick with the utmost tip of the pick, and you'd find that the notes become very soft, because the small movements restrict how hard how can pick.


Tadeu Lorens - FROM BRAZIL !!! said...

Hello guys

this website is my favorite !!!

please, could u tell us wich delay do u use???

kenny goh said...

Wow Brazil is pretty far from where I am (Singapore), thanks for visiting this site, its really a pleasure doing this for you guys.

I use a pod XTL, and I used a stereo delay in the above.