About Guitarpraise

Hi! My name is Kenny, and I've been working on Guitarpraise since it started in Oct 2006. Through the blog, God has used me and the many contributors to teach and learn from fellow musicians around the world.

Here, you can:

1) Learn: find electric/acoustic/bass lessons, from tabs to theory lessons. Don't forget the song arrangements and scripture sharing sections too.

2) Socialise: there's a forum where you can chat about tabs, gear, musicianship, compositions, and everything else under the sun. You can also get to meet other guitarpraise users at the guitarpraise facebook.

3) Contribute: if God has placed in your heart a desire to help out, whether by sharing tabs, techniques, or worship-related musings, do drop me an email at kennygohweizhi@yahoo.com.sg with your video/tabs/post. If you're doing up a video, I prefer if you leave it on your own youtube account (its easier for you to respond to comments), but you can email your videos to me too. Also, avoid playing together with the entire song as it might infringe copyright restrictions. Lastly, when doing up the tabs, don't let each line get too long, else it won't fit on the blog. Don't forget to briefly tell me about yourself too!

Contributors, feel free to use any of these pictures at the end of the video if you're posting to the blog.


At this point, I must say a BIG thank you to all who have contributed to this blog:
Daryl, Bass Levite, Tadeu, David, Ronald, Troy, Gerald, Philo, Giusepe S. Moreno, Jerome, Luigi, Dave, Ben Burnett, Temo Morales, Chris Lang, Eman, James, Kyle, Chris, Vitt, Brittainy, Gabriel, Jason, Han, Alan, Omar, Izaak, Neil, Oliver, Timothy, Jean, Joshua, Timo, John Rock, Kenneth, Stephen, Michael, Garrett, Skippy, GabonMx, Andres, Nick, Mark, RockoD, Jonathan, Joseph, Colin, Daniel, Garrett, Igor, Chris P, Erick, Alexander, Daniel V., DPark, G Mones, A. Rodriguez, Trey, Joel C, Paul N, Akira, sasuke_kun12, Gene, Robert, Robert Figueroa, Jeremy, Cody, Nick, Jeremy, Luke, Jaap, Jackson, Luan, Luke, Chris, Matt, Aaron, JP, Jake,


vrich said...

hello there!!!..,.,.mr. kenny.,.can i ask you a favor?!..,.,.sorry for the inconvenience..,.,.i dont what to do just to leave you message so i just go in here and leave you a comment..,.,can you please give some tabs and leads in chorus part of the song Evermore..,.i'd be grateful..,.,thanks a lot..,.,you're teachings really made us me satisfied not only me but also my friends.,.,thanks! continue you're great works..,.,if you're willing to give me your reply in my request just e-mail at this address..christgod777@yahoo.com..,.,.thanks lot!!

Dan said...

hey Kenny! WOW I've been using your site for so long and never left a comment so here it is! haha anyways it's really amazing to see how God is using you through the gifts he gave you. keep it up! God bless

Chris said...

Hey, I was making a website somewhat like this, only it wasn't a blog version. Would you mind if I use the guitar tabs? I would give credit to the original people who made the tabs, and then link there name to this blog so anyone who clicks will see this site.

My email is


Sudek said...

Haha! I am loving your guitar strap!! Where did you get it from?

Oh, I'd be grateful if you would check out my blog, I've got some apologetics stuff on it. Still updating at the mo though! Keep up the good work and running the good race!

God Bless,

JC.Follower said...


I would like to ask you if you can post the tabs of "Sing Sing Sing" by chris tomlin?

Thanks for this wonderful blog brother, keep it on!

God Bless You

Greating from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Hey how do i post tabs? cause i know the intro. to healer by hillsong(this is our god) and i would like to tab it out.

kenny said...

Hi David,
Just drop me an email, address is above :)

nholdy said...

Hi kenny,

Thanks a lot, this site really help me alot, the church and my band.To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.

jeddah KSA

Euno said...

wow....i love your guitar Mr. Kenny..what's brand and model of that?...i've been trying to find that model of yours but still..i can't..well..if you don't mind..

kenny said...

hey I'm using an ibanez AT300 :D

eUnO_trEize said...

wow...an ibanez...like i could afford that...:-P...but thanks so much...

eUnO_trEize said...

how about the blue one Mr. Kenny, is it also an IbaneZ?..cause the blue one is the coolest one..

kenny said...

The AT sounds better though.. the blue one is an SZ520qm

eUnO_trEize said...

oh I see...thanks you by the way...

Raúl said...

would you be interested in changing from blogspot to a fully customized website? (getting a domain, new design, etc etc) where you can actually take your ministry to a whole new level?

joão alberto said...

No Compromise Planetshakers....


Charlie said...

Hey guy's,

I am having trouble figuring out the song (I will Exalt You) - Hillsong. And the new Tomlin song (Our God) off of the new Passion Album - Awakening.
If you guy's could help it would wonderful. I appreciate your ministry, it has helped a multitude of guitarist & worship leaders.

Thank you for your work.

Gangai Victor said...

Have written a post about Guitar Praise at http://proworshiptechnics.blogspot.com Great work, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

how to upload a video here??

P@R$t@R said...

What a discovery!

hills0ngun1t3d said...

great site!

bern_paul-143 said...

hello im bernpaul arejola from the philippines ..long time i research a website that i get tutorial of a guitar tnx GOD i finally found it ..

bern_paul-143 said...

sir how to read the notes of the guitar in your website because it just a number..please help because i love very much guitar in order to serve God ..please help about that.thanks bernpaul arejola philippines

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David said...

Kenny thanks for posting all these very helpful vids!!

God bless

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